Vphish- Phishing Simulation Software


  • Easy to Use Dashboard
  • Automated workflow
  • SaaS model
  • Rich reporting interface including real time update of the campaign, effectiveness of various campaigns undertaken, susceptibility comparisons among departments / locations / user groups etc.
  • Variety of customizable email templates that address three key testing factors: attachments, embedded links, and requests for personal data.
  • Campaign Wizard to assist how and when campaigns run Use region specific mock phishing web sites including DEWA, Kahrama, SECO, DHL, Tejari, Souq, Amazon-kw etc


  • Gauge your employees’ understanding of the dangers associated with Phishing,Spear phishing and newer threats
  • Through mock attacks, evaluate your organization’s level of susceptibility without exposing your network to an actual attack.
  • Protect your corporate systems from Phishing with increased security awareness
  • Use data from simulation exercise to impart better training and measure the effectiveness of your security awareness training post the training program attack.

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