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Ransomware Analysis and Research

Lakhshya Labs is at the forefront in fight against Ransomware. Our researchers are currently developing the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence based Ransomware detector and protector. Based on advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms, these are able to surpass the signature based systems currently available in the market. To know more about the solution and to download a beta version of the tool Click Here

Big data Security Analytics

Our Research Team has extensive experience of using Big Data and Analytics framework for Cybersecurity. One of the products currently under development is the VHunt – “Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics Platform”. This tool will enable organizations to significantly increase the speed at which incidents can be investigated and responded to and also enable us to conduct detailed forensic analysis.

ICS / SCADA Security

We are in the design stages of building an advanced security risk assessment solution for Industrial Control Systems and SCADA Networks. The solution is aimed at discovering vulnerabilities, monitor traffic and watch events for indicators of compromise and unauthorized activity within the SCADA Networks. The solution enables utilities and organizations with ICS/SCADA networks to audit operating systems, routers and application environments.

IoT Security

Lakhshya is building safer IoT kits that can be used at Home or at Small Business units to securely connect various IoT enabled devices and appliances. These kits will ensure that the attacks against IoT enabled devices and appliances are protected against attacks. The module shall also have a monitoring console that reports to the owner of the devices in the event of an attack.





VPhish is a multilingual Phishing simulation SaaS platform that enables security officers to assess the employee behaviour to phishing attacks through simulated phishing emails. With this Strong Integrated Social Engineering tool, Security Managers at the enterprise can use these campaigns to unravel harmless attacks against their employees. Know more



VSintelli is an automated Security intelligence platform from VSecurify. It continuously keeps track of all cybercrime adversaries and provides organizations with intelligence that assists them to protect their organization from the cyber-attacks of tomorrow. For more information please visit our VSintelli website. Link



VBroadcast is a new generation awareness and information broadcasting platform for Cyber Security. It provides an opportunity for security officers and departments to deliver targeted customized security awareness messages to various user groups within the organization.



The exclusive online hub to know everything about Ransomware. Getting smart and being with Vinransomware is the comprehensive way to protect your organisation from typical ransomware related malware attacks. For more information please visit our VinRansomware website.

Lakhshya ACADEMY

Lakhshya Academy is the academic wing of Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs. Lakhshya Academy specializes in providing state-of-the-art cyber security training and certifications on all popular cyber security genres available globally. The world class training at Lakhshya Academy is offered through several innovative learning methods and delivery models to cater the unique requirements of educational institutions as well as corporate industries.

Our academy transforms the cybersecurity landscape and secures the world by educating a new generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs is a new gen cybersecurity company and focuses on solving the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow. Lakhshya Cybersecurity Labs is established by a group of highly experienced researchers and technologists. We offer unparalleled Security Research, Outsourcing and Education Services.


The Business is all about making a difference. First and foremost it is about making a difference to the CUSTOMERS by providing them leading edge CyberSecurity technology and highly specialized services that address not only current, but address future CyberSecurity requirements as well.

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The Internet Security Student Awareness Programme (ISSAP) is one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects led by employee volunteers of Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs. ISSAP project aims to create awareness regarding online security amongst school students. The ISSAP program provides students with useful information about how to be safe in the online world and covers topics of importance such as cyber bullying, cyber pornography, having a strong password, information about malware and phishing, plagiarism, what to do and what not to do on social media platforms.

If you want to organize an ISSAP Program for your school, please contact us at:

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